Customer Reviews

Always Winning = All Things Work Together for Good

Amazing coach, always very motivational and helpful, positive and high energy!

We’ve been working together for a little over 2 months. Elijah is great! He pushes you to reach goals while not making you stressed out or feel like a failure if you miss the mark!

Perfect classes! Elijah really motivates us and makes the classes all the more fun by mixing a variety of exercises and coordinates the number of people really well!

Elijah is lovely to work with! I was apprehensive to work with a personal trainer at first, but working with him is tons of fun! Every workout is a total body workout, he works with your limits and pushes you enough, but not to much where you’re in pain! He encourages improvement in all sectors of your life and is very supportive!

He does a great job of explaining the workout, keeping us on track and motivated. He gives a nice pep talk and offers tips at the end of class which is appreciated!

Elijah is great and helps to motivate for final push when you’re tempted to give up!

Elijah has high energy and is motivating! He keeps an eye out for form and manages the class well!

Elijah is a great coach and even better motivator! He provides a variety of workouts suitable for a fitness levels!